1970+ Ford Disc/Drum Brake Pressure Differential Switch Kit


A Muscle Car Research Exclusive!

Muscle Car Research is proud to offer a rebuild kit for the following Ford drum and disc brake pressure differential switches made by Weatherhead:

Stamped Engineering Number Service Part Number
D0OA-2B257-B D0OZ-2B257-B
D2DA-2B257-AA D0DZ-2B257-C
D2ZA-2B257-AA D0OZ-2B257-B
D5DA-2B257-AA D5DZ-2B257-A
Our kit contains all of the parts needed to rebuild your leaky switch and return it to "like new" operating condition, including:
  • O-ring
  • X-ring (you can optionally replace the X-ring with an O-ring by selecting "Add O-Ring Seal?: Yes" above)"
  • Copper crush washer

All of the rubber parts are molded from a 70 durometer ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber compound that is fully compatible with automobile brake fluid. All parts are made right here in the USA!

Are you unsure if this kit is for you? The D0OZ-2B257-B switch was originally used on the following Ford and Lincoln/Mercury vehicles:

  • 1970, 1971, and 1972 Ford Mustang (D0OZ-2B257-B, drum brakes)
  • 1970 - 1971 Ford Fairlane and Torino  (D0OZ-2B257-B, drum brakes)
  • 1971 - 1972 Ford Pinto  (D0OZ-2B257-B, drum brakes)
  • 1970, 1971, and 1972 Mercury Cougar  (D0OZ-2B257-B, drum brakes)
  • 1971, 1972, 1973, and 1974 Pantera (D0OZ-2B257-B and D2ZA-2B257-AA, disc brakes)

The D0DZ-2B257-C switch was originally used on the following Ford and Lincoln/Mercury vehicles:

  • 1970 (after July 14, 1969), 1971, and 1972 Ford Maverick with drum brakes
  • 1971 and 1972 Mercury Comet with drum brakes

The D5DZ-2B257-A switch was originally used on the following Ford and Lincoln/Mercury vehicles:

  • 1973 Ford Mustang (drum brakes)
  • 1973 Ford Pinto (drum brakes)
  • 1974 Ford Maverick and Fairmont (drum brakes, before December 3, 1973)
  • 1975 Ford Maverick and Fairmont (drum brakes)
  • 1978 Pantera (D5DA-2B257-AA, disc brakes)

The kit can be used to rebuild other switches of the same type if the areas where the replacement rings are used measures 13/64" in the small groove and 17/64" at the end of the brass sleeve.

Complete rebuild instructions are available from the Muscle Car Research web site. Dealer inquiries are welcome - please contact us for pricing. Be sure to check out our Pressure Differential Switch Lock Tool that you can use to keep the piston centered when bleeding your brakes after rebuilding your switch!