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Our postal address:

Muscle Car Research LLC
Box 247
Burke, VA 22009-0247

Telephone: +1 (571) 262-1612 (PLEASE READ BELOW!)

Muscle Car Research is a part-time business (I have a day job and can't usually answer the phone during the day), so the best time to call is from 6 - 8pm US eastern time or on the weekends. Please leave a message if I can't answer your call. You can also contact us using the form below.

I'm commonly asked if I have a brake valve rebuild kit for a particular vehicle. Before asking this question, please read the frequently asked questionscross-reference list, and the existing set of rebuild articles. If you don't see an obvious match for your valve I may still be able to help. Fill out the form below and be prepared to send me a picture of your valve if asked.

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