1967 - 1970 Ford Mustang Trunk Latch Kit


This is a kit of parts needed for the 1967 - 1970 Ford Mustang and trunk lock and latch. The kit includes the following items:

  • Replated original C7ZZ-6543232-A door latch striker
  • Original C5AZ-6243200-A luggage compartment door latch dated 0C (March 1970)
  • New replacement luggage compartment door lock extension (can be cut to fit)
  • Original trunk lock with two original Ford keys
  • Original trunk lock retainer
  • Mounting hardware

You'll need a C7AZ-6243625-A pad that fits between the lock and the trunk lid to make this a complete kit. Sorry, we don't carry that part, but it's available from most of the larger catalog vendors.