D1ZZ-10317-A Alternator Splash Shield


A Muscle Car Research Exclusive!

Muscle Car Research is proud to offer a brand new reproduction of the D1ZZ-10317-A (engineering number D1ZB-10317-AA) alternator splash shield used on 1971 Ford Mustangs and Mercury Cougars equipped with 429 engines and 1971 - 1973 Ford Mustangs equipped with 200 and 250 engines. This part was reverse-engineered from an original Ford part and has been die-cut from the same type of masticated rubber material as was used for the original factory-installed part. This product also includes three black plastic retainers that are needed to secure the shield to your vehicle's frame rail. The retainers are modern replacements for the original (and obsolete) 375800-S pin drive retainers that are no longer available in the original black color. The retainers are designed to fit into original-sized 1/4" diameter holes.

This shield is made in the USA. Dealer inquiries are welcome - please contact us for pricing.