New GM Brake Pressure Differential Valve Rebuild Kit!

I've just added a new rebuild kit for 1967 - 1975 GM brake pressure differential valves to my inventory! I'm still researching the original applications, so please feel free to contact me with questions, corrections, or additional information if my descriptions are incorrect or incomplete. Here's a link to the kit:

1967 - 1975 GM Brake Pressure Differential Valve Rebuild Kit

and a link to a pair of technical articles that describe disassembly:

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New Mopar Products for December

I'm finally having some success with my research into the brake valves used on Mopar and GM vehicles. I've just added brake tube tee (that's the Chrysler term for the brake pressure differential "valve") seal and spring kits for a number of 1967 - 1975 Chrysler corporation vehicles. Though several different valves were used as far as I can tell they all use the same basic internal parts. Here are some links to the kits:

Seal kit:
1967 - 1975 Mopar Brake Tube Tee Seal Kit

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