New 1974 - 1982 Corvette Brake Valve Rebuild Products

Do you need to rebuild GM's 339780 (1974 - 1977 Corvette) combination brake valve or the later 1978 - 1982 1257208 valve? Muscle Car Research can help! I recently updated and posted some new information on the site that describes how to disassemble and rebuild the valves using a 1257208 valve as an example. Here's the disassembly article:

The rebuild article:

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New Mopar Brake Valve Kit and Rebuild Instructions

I've just completed the research necessary to provide a new seal kit for 1970 - 1976 Mopar brass combination brake valves made by Weatherhead and Kelsey-Hayes. These valves were used on 1973 - 1976 A-bodies and 1970 - 1971 E-bodies. There are undoubtedly other applications, so please contact me if you know of any that I've missed. I've also added rebuild instructions to my library of technical articles. Here are some links to the articles and the seal kit:

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