New Product: 1969 - 1970 Shelby Mustang Front Bumper Rubber Shield Set

I just added a new product to my inventory: a reproduction of the rubber shields used between the front bumper and stone deflector used on 1969 and 1970 Shelby Mustangs. We reverse-engineered an original shield to produce the most accurate reproduction on the market. Each set of two reversible shields is listed in our catalog for $20 plus shipping. Click here for more info.

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New 1970 GM 1233464 Metering Valve Rebuild Kit

I recently added a kit to my inventory to rebuild the 1970 GM 1233464 metering valve. This valve is similar to the 1967 - 1969 3905525 valve, bit it doesn't include a large hex nut plug to keep the internal parts in place. The internal parts are completely different, too, so the kits don't interchange.

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New 1974 - 1982 Corvette Brake Valve Rebuild Products

Do you need to rebuild GM's 339780 (1974 - 1977 Corvette) combination brake valve or the later 1978 - 1982 1257208 valve? Muscle Car Research can help! I recently updated and posted some new information on the site that describes how to disassemble and rebuild the valves using a 1257208 valve as an example. Here's the disassembly article:

The rebuild article:

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