1969 - 1970 Ford Mustang Lower Steering Column Parts

I'm often asked to explain how to install the small parts used at the bottom of 1969 and 1970 Ford Mustang steering columns, including the C9AZ-3E629-A steering column shaft insulator, C9AZ-7C102-A transmission selector tube seal, C9AZ-7347-A lower steering column tube bearing, and D0ZZ-7341-A r

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New Product: C9ZZ-2B022-A Brake Booster Gasket with New Material

Muscle Car Research is proud to announce that we've added another exclusive product to our growing catalog: a new C9ZZ-2B022-A brake booster gasket that's cut from an open-cell foam material that matches the original material used by Ford.  It's not as durable as our original gasket that's cut from a modern material, but both meet or exceed Ford's original ESA-M4D57-A design specification. The new gasket is available for $10 plus shipping.

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