WANTED! Volunteer to Test a Jeep Combination Valve Rebuild Kit!

I've recently come up with what I think could be a viable rebuild kit for the Weatherhead SF-5355378 combination brake valve used on Jeep CJ-5s and CJ-7s during the 1970s. I can't test the kit myself, though, so I'm looking for someone who can use the kit to rebuild a valve and confirm that everything works without leaking. I'll provide the kit for free to the first person that's able to help. I'd like to work it like this to provide an incentive for responsiveness:

  1. Volunteer buys the kit for $30 plus shipping.
  2. Volunteer tests the kit and reports results.
  3. Muscle Car Research listens intently and provides a full refund of the kit and shipping costs.

Please contact us if you're interested and able to handle the rebuild.