We Now Accept Credit Cards!

I've just completed all of the setup operations required to accept credit cards for direct online payment. Just check the appropriate payment options at checkout time and you can use your American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa credit cards without having to go through PayPal's payment process.  All of your financial information is encrypted to prevent disclosure while in transit, and it's not stored anywhere by me so you don't have to worry about hackers stealing your card information.

New Site Security Features!

I just added SSL security protection to the site so that sensitive information exchanged between you and the site will be encrypted while in transit. User login passwords? Encrypted! Purchase information? Encrypted! Credit card information? Encrypted! Please feel free to contact me if you notice anything strange with the site's security services.

New Product: C9ZZ-2B022-A Brake Booster Gasket with New Material

Muscle Car Research is proud to announce that we've added another exclusive product to our growing catalog: a new C9ZZ-2B022-A brake booster gasket that's cut from an open-cell foam material that matches the original material used by Ford.  It's not as durable as our original gasket that's cut from a modern material, but both meet or exceed Ford's original ESA-M4D57-A design specification. The new gasket is available for $10 plus shipping.

New Product: 1969 - 1970 Ford Mustang and Mercury Cougar Front Brake Line Shock Tower Grommets

I've just added a new product to our online catalog: 1969 - 1970 Ford Mustang and Mercury Cougar Front Brake Line Shock Tower Grommets, those hard to find rubber grommets that protect your brake line as it passes through your car's shock towers.  Priced at $2.50 per pair, these Buna-N grommets have been designed to meet the exacting standards of the United States military.  Check 'em out!

Sale: 25% off all used parts now through March 18th!

From now until March 18th I'm offering all used parts for sale at 25% off the listed price. To get the discount you need to add a part to your shopping cart and then apply a coupon code when you check out to pay. The coupon code is "USED25" (without the quotes). Payment can be made by check, money order, PayPal, or credit card (through PayPal). I'll try to get more parts listed this coming weekend. Here's a link to everything that's on sale: http://www.musclecarresearch.com/used-ford-parts

USPS Shipping Quote Issues

The USPS recently changed the information they return when queried for shipping quotes. Unfortunately, the information they're returning contains garbage characters that create some minor issues with the "look" of shipping quotes. They also seem to have an issue with quotes for first class postage. Please bear with us as we wait for a fix.

New Product: Pressure Differential Switch Lock Tool

Have you ever had a problem with the piston in your pressure differential valve moving off-center while bleeding your brakes, causing your brake system warning light to come on? Muscle Car Research is now selling a tool that you can use to hold the piston in place while bleeding the brakes:


This tool is proudly made right here in the USA. Dealer inquiries are welcome - please contact us for pricing.